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The MyPilotPro Mission

To build the most rugged, highest quality, and most secure action camera mounting solutions for adventurers around the world.

The MyPilotPro Guarantee

All our products are American made and assembled with American labor in our Montana shop. Because we control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish we provide a lifetime guarantee on everything we sell!

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Aviator GoPro Mount

MyPilotPro GoPro Airplane Mount

MyPilotPro Swivel GoPro Airplane Mount

Robinson Helicopter GoPro Skid Mount

Helicopter GoPro Mount

MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Bundle

MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Ultimate Bundle

Helicopter GoPro Mount Bundle

Helicopter GoPro Mount Ultimate Bundle

MyPilotPro Spider GoPro Windshield Mount

MyPilotPro Spider Swivel GoPro Windshield Mount

MyPilotPro Spider Mount Bundle

MyPilotPro Hardware Pack

Helicopter Hardware Pak

MyPilotPro GoPro Wrench